Enhanced ES6 and JSX Support

by Francisco Tolmasky
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We've just pushed a big update to RunKit that adds a lot more ES6 support as well as JSX right out of the box:

Thanks to Babel, these features will be available regardless of which version of node you run your notebook with. Whenever we detect that there exists a native implementation though, you'll automatically be upgraded (such as with generators in node 0.12 and above). These of course join our already large list of ES6 and ES7 support:

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What is RunKit?

  • RunKit is an interactive playground for running Node.js in the cloud.
  • RunKit offers serverless functions with zero deploy time — prototype code changes in real time!
  • RunKit can be embedded in your tutorials and docs to make them interactive as seen on lodash.com, expressjs.com, and stripe.com.
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