People have used Tonic to write tens of thousands of notebooks. We love calling attention to some of the cool ones that have been published.

We’ll kick off with a notebook that takes advantage of our latest feature, Endpoint.

Slack is a popular messaging app for teams. Slash Commands is a Slack app that will fetch an external URL when a “slash command” is matched (any message that begins with a slash).

Matt Gardner published a notebook that demonstrates running custom code to fulfill slash commands:

Slack Slash Commands

Here’s what it looks like:

slack slash command screenshot

Now you can use Slack to easily invoke your live, custom Tonic code.

Some ideas:

  • /deploy to deploy the current version of your app.
  • /bug to quickly create a new GitHub Issue.
  • /kb to search your knowledge base.
  • /tweetmeetup to use Meetup’s API to tweet a meeting reminder.
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