While querying our database to get exact numbers for Tonic’s announcement of scoped package support, we realized npm recently passed an important milestone. So here’s our belated card to celebrate the occasion.

Packages have multiple versions. npm currently has ~330,000 packages. Packages have, on average, 6.74 versions. Do the math, and that’s over two million versions of packages.

Yes, npm recently passed two million versions. Congratulations to the Node.js community, npm Inc, and everyone who’s contributed to the most massive code library in human history. Together we’re building something amazing.

We thought it would be fun to go back and figure out which specific packages and versions won the round-number lottery. So we listed every package and version in chronological order and picked out a few winners:

Milestone Package Date
1st package sprintf Nov 11 2010
10th package uuid-pure Dec 19 2010
100th package useragent Dec 29 2010
1,000th package worker-pool Mar 30 2011
10,000th package PSNjs Jun 13 2012
100,000th package js-atom Oct 20 2014
200,000th package dodo-core-features Nov 3 2015
300,000th package servercreation Jun 21 2016
10th version recon@0.0.1 Dec 18 2010
100th version jade@0.2.3 Dec 19 2010
1,000th version searchparser@0.1.0 Jan 10 2011
10,000th version restify@0.3.12 Jul 7 2011
100,000th version ep_post_message@0.0.1 Jan 22 2013
1,000,000th version ngtestharness@1.0.2 Jul 27 2015
2,000,000th version ddv@1.0.16 Jul 19 2016


We loaded up versions-published-per-day since npm beginning, and it’s a fun chart to explore:

Of course the growth is amazing. It’s also fun and interesting how you can pick out lulls in new versions on the weekends, especially in the 2016 era (hint: switch to the 1 month (“1m”) zoom level and scroll around). You can also make out end-of-the-year Holidaze lull.

Node is definitely people’s Day Job nowadays.


So, where is npm heading? We analyzed npm’s growth rate, tried to smooth it out and extrapolate when the next big milestones will be hit.

Here’s what we came up with:

Milestone Extrapolated Date
3,000,000 Versions Feb 2017
500,000 Packages Jun 2017
1,000,000 Packages Jul 2018

With these dates in mind, hopefully we won’t be caught surprised coming upon the upcoming npm milestones. No more belated cards, instead we can start planning 2018’s epic 1 Million npm Packages Gala.

Be there.

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