Embed RunKit Notebooks with Embed.ly and OEmbed

by Ross Boucher
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Embed.ly now supports RunKit as a content provider, which means that you can now embed any RunKit notebook on sites like Medium, or any of the other thousands of companies that rely on Embed.ly for embedding dynamic content.

An animation of adding a RunKit embed to a Medium document
Just paste a RunKit URL into Medium

Embedding uses a technology called OEmbed, so any website that supports OEmbed, whether or not they use Embed.ly, can also take advantage of this new feature.

We've added some documentation on our OEmbed endpoint, and we also support the auto-discovery protocol so many sites using OEmbed should just work automatically. For the best experience, note our documentation on how to respond to height changes in the size of an embed.

What is RunKit?

  • RunKit is an interactive playground for running Node.js in the cloud.
  • RunKit offers serverless functions with zero deploy time — prototype code changes in real time!
  • RunKit can be embedded in your tutorials and docs to make them interactive as seen on lodash.com, expressjs.com, and stripe.com.
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